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Fractal Prints

Check out my designs on cafe press

  1. Elemental Clock, a clock with the first 12 elements
  2. My periodic chart on a t-shirt
  3. My periodic chart on a black t-shirt
  4. A fractal clock face
  5. fractal "Surfers dream" t-shirt
  6. Physics is science friction t-shirt
  7. Got Chalk t-shirt
  8. Acids and bases are pHun t-shirt

My boomerang shirt designs on cafe press
  1. In every boomerang there is a perfect throw
  2. Boomerang crossing
  3. Have you thrown your boomerang today
  4. booms4u boomerangs
  5. Have a nice boomerang
  6. Boomerangers know all the angles
  7. Lazy frog blueprint
See all my Cafe Press offerings at once

A powerpoint presentation on boomerangs
"Boomerangs,Magic or Science"
good for someone who wants to present
a rudimentary overview of boomerangs.
Free for you to download

My Ham radio call t-shirt.
I can design one for you.

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